Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Silver Bellz

Seasonal & Salutory Missives to All!!

In Keeping with the Gravity of OUR LORD'S own Humblness. I am Offering to all A Christmas Card, Featuring the AUTHOR, INFLAGRANTO NUDUM, Sitting on his New DEVAN PORT, Bestrode his YULE TREE.
Let us all PAUSE, and RECUFLECT on the GLORIOUS FACT, that, we are not dead!

[EDIT]: Due to the FLAT and LONG Stream of Comments Regarding the HAUNTING and META-PRESENT Nature of this Phosphorgraph, the AUTHOR GENEROUS'ly offers an Explanatory Post Scripture. This is not Truly a Picture of me, Rather an INGENIOUS CON-FABROCATION of Technologies. I used both a CAMERA (Modern, Digital) and a L.A.S.E.R.(Lightbeam's Astounding Simulacra and Elucidary Recumbra) to HAND DRAW a Hyper-Realistic image of my Ownself's Complete Form. To put it by Layman ways, an ARTISNAL HOLOGRAM.


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