Monday, November 08, 2004

The GALACKSY of Choiss

I was Perusing, for no Better Reason then to Simply Pass the Time, the Great Goldenrod Book of Companies. A VAST COMPENDIUM of Companie, each of which is Straining and Frothing upon It's Bit, awaiting its next Opportunity to Experience Commerce. Some Companys that Caught my Attention:

JimbleDash Aperitifs and Toast Coatings, Jason-Ann's Chowder House and Cockboat, Jungle Brand Burrito and Care Package Concern, Juice by Branda: An American Heritage Plastics and Liquid Fruit Network Company, Jewel and Paper Tape Bar Pub & Grillery, Jingle Jingle Jingle Christmas Pageant Planners and Dessert Distributorship; Home of the "Uh Oh Churro" Family of Dessert Mystery Party-Pantry Packages, J.I.M. Inc. (Jams Integrity Marksmanship), Jester's Teryble Secrette Production's Adult Renassiance Tours and Life Coaching.


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