Monday, October 04, 2004

Afore Mention'd listte...

1. A Davenport, enrobed in Chintz of the Modern Design; couch, sofa
2. A Pair of Denimpants, Levi Prop. Style NO 501; Jeans LEVI'S
3. A Proper Bedde with a Steel and Fabric BOXSPRING of dimensions and quality that are in congrefs with pre-existing MATRESS; some fanciful shitte from ABC
4. A Sharpe Knyfe; carbon, non-serrat'd
5. A Wrist-Strapped Time Piese; Bulgari, silvermail strappe
6. A TELEVISION, of the Newest Planar Style approx. 5 hands in Diagonal Dimenshion;Phillips, Sony Props.


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