Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Being an account of TWO varieties of CHEESE

Raw Milk Fontina;Firm Cheese to be Scortched beneath a Salamander or Loggerhead upon a firm Brat at First Light, In Vigorating the Senses and Bracing the Humours. Tastes of NUTTY OILS and Loamy Parchments leading to Creamy Fens made more interestion by Pizzacattos of Air in Even Distrobushion.
Rochebaron; A Randy Duke of the highest order, Enjoy'd by Philosopher and Pugilistte alike, provided they are Stout and Brave not being turnned away by Grayte and Strange Odors. Not to be consumed by Women or the Mad as it is known to be an Exagerator of Lunar Symptualities. Tastes of Clott'd Ammonnya and Finest Milk do proceed to Duel, Cuspids the spectators, a GLORIOUS and HONORABLE FIGHT the winner being Determined by the Comestor.


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