Friday, October 08, 2004

yay, Like Tides do these Ages March

or Ruminations on the IDLE MERCHANT CLASS, being those whose Sole Daily Occupation is the Monitoring and Use of the Electric/Posphor Computor.

As it is that DEATH'S FORM no longer Chases us from Bed each day, the Spectre of Plague no longer a hindrant to EROS, the Capricious and Bloody whims of a Constitutionally Frail MONARCH no longer Dictating our Various Movements, we have now a great FREEDOM and CUMULOUS to be Enjoyed or Feard in our MIDDLE AGE. We have in this GREAT EXPANSE placed not Great Works, nor Vast Alter, but MEDIA, Consummed as the Stone and enjoied with such FERVOR that CORPULENCE is now Epidemic and Art has been reduced to LINEAR REPETATIVE FORMS, subsequently Elevated and Vivisected in its Minutae so as to APPEAR to be ART. Art, Employment, and even Social Interaction is Entirely a SEDENTARY activity for the entire Middle Class.


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