Wednesday, October 27, 2004

1 New Layyer

The CHILL of an Urban Autumn has left me, upon Stepping Out from Beneath my new Shower Head, feelling Cold and certainly Percept'ng a Aquaeous Loss of Humours. Specifically those Humours that DEFEND against Falling Ills and Bad Debts. Fortunatly for Myself, and those of you For Whome the Halls of Liquidity have Granted Entrance, Commerce offers a COZY SOLUTION. A fine apres spa garment, woven with Meticulous Care under the All Seeing Eye of Quality Control, in the Grandest of all the World's MECHANOHUMANISTIC Complexes to be enjoyyed, upon our Leisure, in the Insulat'd Still Airre of our Modern Homes.

a PARAGON of Comfortt


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