Monday, October 25, 2004

Conveyyed to Pleasure

So it Was, I was Blessed with Fortune and Luck, Sufficient to Carry me to a Fandy Beach, Wherein I did enjoy the WATER and SKY. Modesty Restricts my RELATION of meny DETAILS, However, I can say With-Out too Myriad a Fear of Offense, that more than Once I did Find Myself and Mistress Engaged in a MARINUS COITUM LUNAR. ALSO to be menshion'd, the Intoxicating AFFECTS of the Allegedly Sans Alcoholo Bevrage "Martinellis", for lo, was I More than Once Launched into an Impromtu Demonstation of Auto-Phallatio Public, while Under the Heady Press of said Drink.

Phosphorgraph of Beach~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

she is hot i'd hit it.

1:27 AM  

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