Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Bright KEENING Lyte

Yay the Tides of Fortunne are Floeing, Filling my Quayys with Liquid Assets. For now I can SELECT from my LISTTES of DESIRES a Few Choisse Items.
Doth I Choose that Planar Television, THRUSTING my Technologickal Identitie into The Realm of the Savant? Or to Be Pleased With an iPod, Filled to the Cofferdams with Pilphered Mufik? New SHOES and a WRIST TIMEPIECE? Perhaps i SHOULD PRAY to those Grayte Praised Gods of Commerce, they being to Annoint me with a VISION; a CONSUMER INSPIRATION!!

God Be Praysed!
Grayte Murcury in Your WISDOME VAST
and Powers without Limit or Logic;
Dispensing MISERY and PLEASURE
with the Capriciousness of the Youngest
Childe, Oh Grayte Mercury,
What would YOU Do with a COUPLE G'S?


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