Monday, December 13, 2004

A Dream I Had Last Night.

Sitting around the island in a lovely and large modern kitchen. Marble counters and a big professional stove. I was a guest in this large house, and the kitchen was full of people, I was towards the side of counter with a few guy friends, we were toying with a large hand gun. One of these friends was a soldier and was telling us the merits of shooting people in the spine. To my left was a large sliding glass door that looked out over the patio, back yard, and beyond that the roofs of other large houses. It was a hilly neighborhood, full of trees, quite lovely really. It was raining and grey, it could have been a wealthy suburb in Oregon or Washington.
A large bearded man walked through the backyard, and I drew a bead on him. I attempted to lead fire, but failed, the bullet went about a foot behind him. The man did not flinch, and one of my friends remarked, "that guy was a little too cool about that, you should be careful with him".
Breakfast in the kitchen continued and I went to a different room, and was surprised to see this large man staring in the window. I shot him in the face and bits of him went all over the fence at the side of the house. I returned to the kitchen, and started worrying about the body.
My solution was to throw the body into this well-like hole in the back patio which was covered in a heavy metal grate. So I did this and returned to breakfast, nobody seemed to notice or care, but I began to worry more. So I retired to my guest room and fashioned a black powder pipe bomb with about ten seconds of fuse. I lit and dropped the bomb down the well-like hole and returned to breakfast. I waited for the blast, and was just starting to get that anxious feeling when you think the bomb is a dud when kitchen flashed with the light of the explosion and we all spun around to look. There was a huge misty column of green water jetting up from the hole, which rained down, the grate keeping all the body chunks in the hole. I freaked out, I knew my gig was up, and I started pacing around the house, I could hear sirens. I was pacing around the upper floor and out the windows I could many backyards and streets of this topographically exciting burg. People were everywhere scared and running into their houses. Mostly mothers and young children. I was thinking, "these people are really good people, and brought all my white trash filth into their neighborhood, they don't deserve this. I have truly offended and earned the wrath of some very good and powerful people." I was staring out the window when a woman came in and asked, "did you cram anything down into the well?". I tried to lie but failed and just said, "I am just leaving, I am packing my bags and I am just going away". I woke up then.


Blogger the barber said...

take two vicodin, drink some water and stop playing San Andreas for a while. The dreams will eventually go away.

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