Tuesday, March 15, 2005

An autoliterary adventure...

IN number 6 or 7 or whatever will arrive later today, i am feeling a little unneccasary at the moment. For now I have a challenge for all you faithless readers out there. I will select the best entry over a mug of Hornitos, and the winner will recieve seven dollars and whatever's left on my back-up metrocard.
The Challenge:
Write an medium length book (700-900 pages) garnering great critical acclaim.
The subject of the book will be the life story of the scion of some great old european family with countless royal tendrils. The protaganist will be male and will amass fortune and power that humbles even the greatest of his forefathers. The chapters of this book will be named after the various product lines (internally referred to as "Collections") of the watchmaker Vacheron Constantin, and will be in the following order:
6:Royal Eagle


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