Thursday, March 03, 2005

Skull Thursday

This one is a Cro-Lesbian from the Late Piezozioc Era. This era happened billion longer ago in history than the present day. Before Applebee's, before ice cream. All they had was guitars, guitars and fire, they were forces to survive on tar and cacti. The Cro-Lesbian were also forced to endure fierce competition for resources from the Holmgreen's. This competition was not to subside until the co-invention of the Refridgerator and the Franchise.

"One for each, each for one."
-Earlron "Crobar Snakes" Crabcrafter Jr. Miss, Gladmiral of the Cro-Lesbian Navy and Vanguard of Attleboro's Balfour Champions.

NOTE: Click on the picture for an Image of Christo's Beautiful "Gates" Project, surrounded by Snow-Fall in New York City.


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