Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here in town

I utilize many services...
Grampy Cramps Nut Butters, Frozen Wastes Packet and Tramp Line, K-Maro's Violent Solutions LLC., North Store Crime Waivers, The Jambly Ramblers' Lawn Care n' Fight Service, J'Tem Du Suisse Y Morose LTD., Pollo y Mas Supplies, Prawn King Holdings, Eddies' Dockering and Portable Tie-Down Demos.
I enjoy eating out and drinking in bars....
Double Sour, on Steinway. "It's on the sour"
La Cuisine Plastique, on Ditmars. "This is to eat"
That Beer Hole, on 28th Ave. "Come in , you're done"
Crow Brothers, on 35th Ave. "Take thiis way to minefields cuz freedome's not worth the gravy(?)"
Mama Now's Time to Eat, on Newtown Road. "Home of the the 'WTF Chowderhorn', open 'til shut up"


Blogger Wax Harlow said...

This is absolutely hands down my favorite thing of the day. And a lot of other things happened today, like getting scolded by a Spanish flight attendant and eating a sandwich the size of my head called "the Godfather".

7:20 PM  

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