Friday, February 25, 2005


This is an actual post.
I saw a show last night and in this show cocorosie performed my favorite Damian Jurado song. It was like finding out that Jim Carrey is going to play Murdoch in an A-Team movie, only a billion times more beautiful and a lot less funny. Seeing as how I am not sure I know anyone who loves both Damian Jurado and cocorosie, I just need to project my excitement into space.
Note: That song was mearly the tip of an enormous iceburg of totally rad, best show ever. My only regret was going to Vyselka afterwards and eating a pound of beef, served "adrift" in Ukrainian "thicksauce". Now i have to buy a record player to play this LP of I am a Bird Now. I refused to listen to the songs before the show, and now I refuse to listen to them digitally. Aren't I cheeky?


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