Friday, January 07, 2005

What am I Reading?

The Tower of Babylon by Mario Beefsteak (1957)
Even Lovers Die by Marlowewe Lewisman (late 17th century)
The Clock Struck Nighttime by Lorna Chase (1978)
After Bedtime by Powers Smooth (1962)
Stop Crying, I Hate You by Manhoor Varawan (1989)
You Can't Think Twice by Paul House (1981)
Midnight Snack by Madam Sabir Chaseman (1997)
Siren Thunder, Police Lightning by Johnson R. Castle III (1985)
Susan, Be Anthony by an anonymous author (1970)


Blogger the barber said...

I purchased Susan, Be Anthony at a local Bookerie and the clerk mistook it for another title. I was only charged 25 cents! I've never spoke of it until now.

4:01 PM  

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