Friday, September 22, 2006

A Friday Omnibum!

First off: I bought a jacket! oh damn! SWEET JACKET!
I walked into a WESC shop a few months ago and thought "oh dear, this is totally working on me, they know how I am an idiot!" their steeze works on me I'm afraid, but hey man, what a jacket! I tried it on and thought "oh, i need to slam this." so i slammed it.

Secundo: Future content! In the coming weeks I might decide to pen a "Guide to Playing Online Poker"
Here's a possible excerpt:
So, you've decided to enter the exciting world of online poker! First off, a list of things you'll need:
3 days
1 computer with Internet
1 liter of Tequila
600 dollars that you can't afford to lose
1 rotisserie chicken
Some napkins.

Third! New Vocab!
I intend to introduce a specific vernacular use of the word "Slam".
It's definition is something along the line of "do very well" or "enjoy to the fullest extent" or "take a thing to its logical conclusion".
"I think I am going to go slam some pho." that means you are going to go to your favorite Vietnamese soup place, order up your very favorite bowl of pho, and then just quietly enjoy every bit of of that soup. It doesn't mean you are going to be messy.
In the case of my new jacket, "slam" meant buy the jacket, and then wear it while paying attention to my posture.
Slam does NOT indicate erratic behavior necessarily, for does it indicate violence or throwing things or eating quickly.

Fourth! Look at this funny thing, way more to come!

Fifth: A study in contrasts
In July of 2005 I was on top of the Empire State Building taking fashion pictures of a barely famous celebutante for a fabulous clothing label! I remember her talking about her family's estate in the Redwoods, it was thousands of acres! (wow!)
one right-1
In July of 2006 I was in line at the New York City court house filing papers in small claims court, trying to subpoena the banking information of a Fabulous clothing label so I could get paid for those pictures! I remember a woman getting in a fight with another woman over an issue of cutting-in-line, a man yelled "Silencio!!" and the mad woman said "This is America, speak english!!"(good point!!)
one right-1

Night court is the opposite of fashion week!


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