Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sleep Easy This Holiday Seeznn

List of ten guilt-free holiday dishes for the Hybrid SUV set.
1.Vegan Blurkey
2. Soy-Based MDF Food Foundations
3. Tastee-Flavinoid Rice Bran Gravy
4. Flour-less, Suger-less, Fruit-less, Raw Pie-Loaf
6. GrainFoam Sausages*
7. VeggieKeretin Breakfast "Linques"
8. Macrobiotic Bionic Reduced Ion Noodle-Aire Stuffing**
9. Hershel's "Mennonite Breakfast" Brand Turn Key Turkey-less Turkey Dinner Kits
10. "Seitan's Flock" Family of Gluten Balloon Animals and Historic "Dinnerflatables"
11. Glen & Glen's "Exodus 10:17", "A Time Such As This", and "Lived a Full Life" Brands of Hybrid High-Bred "Willing Martyr" volunteer, bio-desiel shipped, certified suicide yardbirds. Each bird ships with its own biography and personality-matched simmerin' sauce.

*with six kinds of flavor strata
**now available at sea level


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