Friday, July 22, 2005

The Ancient and the Old

I have a digital camera again:
I will be adding a dedicated photo area to the already impressive Burrito Problem Plaza.
It will need a name. I have narrowed it down to 19 choices, thoughts?
The American Mile
Fish Now
Street Shotz
Stop Stealing My Ideas, Glen
Uncle Boat's Posphor Show
Wait, What? (or, Lights, Camera, Wait, What?)
Photos for Bettie (Why is she always crying?)
Fame Grab
Kennedy Fried Piction
Amorous Liasons of the Heart
All Tomorrow's Parties Have Been Cancelled
People Are So Whatever
Focus on Tequila
The Car at the End of the Driveway
Vicious Troll
A Gorgon's Tears
Hallelujah, it's Rainin' Heroin and Sofas


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