Monday, June 27, 2005

The Composure of a Gentleman

My little Minox Model C was stolen a while back and I recently realized I cannot live without one. After making a few losing bids on Ebay, I realized "Oh, I live in New York." So I went out and bought one for $109 on west 19th, then went up to 34th street and bought a few rolls of film and a battery for $30.

Oh what to take pictures of on a sweltering Sunday? The Pride Parade!!! Cities like this provide. And if you try to respond with "But, like, every city has a Pride Parade!", I will just reply "oh, honey". And I'll give you a look like I just got back from Gay Viet-Nam.

For some reason the black ones go for $700, so I had to settle for a satiny chrome finish, ok! And to think, only a week ago I was shopping around for a digital camera, for shame!


Anonymous dan randolph said...

nice fucking watch

2:44 AM  

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