Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Feelin' Mellow

Yeah man so like I've just been feeling too light and breezy to make comics or skulls. Being dreadful is a wintertime activity I guess. "Whevs".
Day before yesterday, I decided to make a hut for my fish, Frederico. Lady and I had quite the stunning shell collection from our beachcombing days down in Florida. First I soaked the shells all day, so that there wouldn't be any salt to bother my freshwater friend. I figured to avoid any potential dangers i should not being using glue of any kind, and in a fit of pretty much paranoia, I also figured I shouldn't even put my hand in the water (I don't know). So using a long pair of very clean kitchen tongs and a trove of very clean sea shells I stacked a wee hut, complete with a Welcome Clam in front.
Last night, when I got home at 3:30am he was hanging out in the tiny hut, peering out the front. That was pretty much the most satisfying thing I have ever experienced.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, now Frederico is Pope Clamato I

3:02 AM  

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