Friday, January 21, 2005

A Great Announcementing!

Next Tuesday. January 25th, will be the Grand Presentation of a Weekly "Webcomic".

This Webcomic shall be Titled:"In".
This Webcomic Promises the following, in Each Bifortnightly Installment:
1. Total Stylistic Inconsistancy
2. Inaccesablilty Bordering on a CONTEMPT for the Reader
3. Terribly Incogerented Rendering
4. Mostly White Space
5. An almost Palpable Sense of Haste in all aspects of Production
6. The Word "in" Cleverly Incorporated into each Disparingly Esoteric Comiplot.

Post Scrumf: Those unfamiliar with the Medium, should be Warned that "Webcomics" often have INSIGHT and HUMOR in such GREAT PROPORTION as to be Unsettling. Also to note that these Two Virtues are so Pefectly Wove, as to be Mysteriously Undescurnable from One-An-Other.


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